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House of Chocolate


'Pistachio Berry'
Freeze Dried Boysenberry & Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar
Our first Freeze dried topped bar we ever put out for sale!
Premium 56% cacao dark chocolate generously topped with New Zealand freeze dried boysenberries and pistachios.
'Ruby Plum Rasp'
World's 4th Chocolate 'RUBY' Freeze Dried Plum and Raspberry Bar
This bar is generously topped with freeze dried raspberries and freeze dried doris plum!
'Rasp Hazel White'
Freeze Dried Raspberry, Hazelnut & Cacao Nib White Chocolate Bar
Silky smooth pink chocolate is sometimes all you need in your life.
28% cacao white chocolate generously topped with freeze dried raspberries, New Zealand dry roasted hazelnuts and Cacao nibs.
Each bar has a touch of edible gold flake.
'Feijoa Citrus Dark'
Freeze Dried Mandarin, Feijoa and Lemon
Citrus Goodness is here!
Premium 56% cacao dark chocolate generously topped with New Zealand freeze dried Mandarin, Feijoa and Lemon.
Packed full of intense fruity goodness!
'White Crispy Cookie'
Choc Chip Cookie and Crispy Pearls Caramelised White Chocolate Bar
Zéphyr 34% cacao chocolate is premium caramelised white chocolate recognised worldwide for its real milky caramel flavour and mesmerising salty notes.
Topped with our freshly baked house made chocolate chip cookies and mini dark chocolate crispy pearls.
Each bar is hand sealed in gold paper foil for freshness, then packaged in our bespoke packaging.
'Mixed Nut Dark'
Mixed Nut Dark Chocolate Bar
Premium 56% cacao dark chocolate generously topped with hazelnuts, pecans, brazil nuts, walnuts and pistachio's.
'Dark Choc Straweberries'
The freeze dried strawberry packs tons of intense strawberry flavour and provide a crunchy texture like honeycomb.
Each 100g selection comes in beautiful gift box packaging.


Hand painted chocolate bauble with caramelized hazelnuts and freeze dried raspberry dark chocolate dragees inside.

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